Thumbnail Sketch of Parody Religions

This post offers a counterpoint to my criticism of fundamentalist Christianity.  Here, we have brief introductions to certain parody religions listed in Wikipedia. (See also hyper-real religions.)

This post excludes entries in that Wikipedia list that do not claim to be religions, but instead merely hail from some medium, or otherwise didn’t seem to have much to offer.  Those excluded entries include Eventualism (appeared in the movie Schizopolis), Invisible Pink Unicorn (a symbol), Kibology (used to be a funny faux religion usenet group), Last Thursdayism, Bokononism (scriptures solely from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle), and Iglesia Maradoniana (website defunct).

The selected parody religions, and representative quotes and icons, are as follows:



Come join the slowest-growing religion in the world – Dudeism. An ancient philosophy that preaches non-preachiness, practices as little as possible, and above all, uh…lost my train of thought there.

Anyway, if you’d like to find peace on earth and goodwill, man, we’ll help you get started. Right after a little nap.

Church of Euthanasia

Save the planet – kill yourself

Landover Baptist Church

Where the worthwhile worship.

All Jesus, all the time.

Guaranteeing salvation since 1620!


Matrixism aims to encourage people to think about the possibility that the reality they live in might be simulated, both literally and metaphorically.


Do we really exist?


When asked why he wore a colander on his head, Schaeffer said he was a minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.This may be the first openly Pastafarian sworn into office.


Tarvu – creator of Universe A and Universe B (we live in Universe B) – came to Earth over 3,000 years ago as a tiny baby boy.

First Church of the Last Laugh

Sayings of St. Stupid:

The closer you get, the nearer you are.

I know, I know, but you know, you never know.

For the time being, always.

Church of the SubGenius

“They believe in something called Slack. I dont quite understand it.”


The PENTABARF was discovered by the hermit Apostle Zarathud in the Fifth Year of The Caterpillar.


Jedi believe in the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it.  In the sanctity of the human person. . . .  In a society governed by laws grounded in reason and compassion.


When we look at the evolutionary history . . . we can identify four basic principles worth highlighting:  Creativity, Copying, Collaboration and Quality.

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