Things to Do Before Killing Yourself


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  • james.  On May 26, 2013 at 7:52 am

    I seek no nmoney or rewards, i have had a good life and now extreme pain is my constant cmpanion, i am at the end of life almost and if this is the way people die then i want out now. . pain for readons the doctors cannot fix, ending a life that was very good but now is burdening me out of this world, I cannot think straight, cannpt enkjoy sex or lovemaking, cannot take pride in amythng Ihave in this world,
    I can no onger indulge in sex, it hurts so much it is painful, my back and spine are what you mihght call completely fucked, my kids are all old enough not to worry about finances , unless they are stupid.

    pain pain pills pills and more pain and pills which do no bloody good,ts just ike I have been there done that, seen that and there is no joy or pleasure in life..hat i can enjopy. life is being able to participatre in things you love, just simple things like walking, watching sunset, drinking a clo;ld glass of wine listehing to quality music,,,,,,,,,,, allof which i am deprived

    have lost the art of charming ladies, i am too twisted to enjoy their company, hobbling about like a 200 year old mummy. that is not living just hanging around waiting to die…….fuck that i got better things to do. enjoy a one way sprint to hell oops but not back ! sprinting is out walking is too slow, just simple facts of life, my body is fucked, like me !

    anyone suggest a good clean way out ?

    • Anonymous  On June 11, 2013 at 5:52 am

      James, I understand. For reasons I won’t enumerate, I understand precisely your state of mind. Just keep in mind that you’re burning off karma…even in this dark night of the soul…even with a body wracked with pain…even with a wanker that may not work fully or shoot straight anymore…even with Vicodin, Percocet and other pain drugs of choice losing their dopamine luster…even with a disintegrating personality and loved ones falling away like ashes…you are getting closer to happiness and union with the divine one miserable day at a time. One painful layer of shedding skin at a time. Suicide, while definitely an option, will only set you back and ALL THE SUFFERING will rear its head again in the next form you inhabit. If you’re going to do it, at least read as much as you can about the Bardo world and acquaint yourself with this esoteric understanding of what happens when you pass. But BEFORE THAT, in the immediate future, Fast. Fast for the next 10 days…no food, no drugs…nothing except water. You’ve got nothing to lose, right? See what happens. Just lay in bed. Don’t expend yourself. You’ll REALLY want to die those first few days. But push through. Keep a written journal. Even if you hate to, write it out. No laptops. No TV. No contact with others. Silence. See what happens. You will be shocked what happens in the process and the rebirth that will come from direct contact with who you really are.

      A brotherly hug to you on your journey…it’s all light behind this cinema of the cruel…always keep that in mind.

  • david bowie  On June 3, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    wow finally something that doesn’t only repeat empty phrases
    thank you for that

  • lyzabeth  On July 25, 2013 at 6:24 am

    Dear James: you sound like my father who is also named James. He can’t walk and has staff infection and diabetes, and after years of a sedentary lifestyle, his health is slowly declining. After almost dying in the hospital, he questions life. He doesn’t want to live anymore. I mean the depression comes and goes as sickness wanes and weans. I tried my best to try and give him a reason to live. And although he is still alive, I feel hippocritical. I am not nearly as sick as he is, and I think about suicide often. I want to die because I don’t want to live. No reason. But I want to make sure my family is ok before I go. I want to make sure they can survive the emotional repercussions and also I want to make sure my assets are divided fairly among my family, brother, sisters, and my boyfriend of 8 years. After reading this blog it is frustrating, because now I realize that I can’t kill myself without being a burden on my family and friends. I have too much to do before I die. And it sucks.

  • Ray Woodcock  On July 25, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Lyzabeth — not to second-guess you on that, and this is assuredly an aging male’s perspective. But I can guarantee that some folks would think it would be great if there were anyone who needed them as your father, family, and boyfriend apparently need you. I mean, it sounds like you want to die despite these ties; but others might not feel like dying if they had such ties. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t feel as you feel. I just mean that it’s all kind of ironic.

  • Ash  On January 12, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    Assuming you haven’t already found a way out, look up something called a suicide bag. It basically works by making you pass out from a gas such as helium, and then suffocating whilst you are unconscious. Completely painless and it won’t leave a mess for medical staff or family members to clean up afterwards.

  • sue Isidial  On January 1, 2016 at 7:21 am

    I just read an article about things to do before you die, and you touched on depression and feeling suicidal. You put “In that case, you should probably get yourself some medication and some therapy and get your act together.”
    I am appauled that you could be so callous. Its not like we can just snap out of it and stop wallowing… You make me sick

    • Ray Woodcock  On January 1, 2016 at 8:48 am

      Sue — medication and therapy are widely recommended for depression. I’m not sure whether you are finding fault with that. I did not remotely suggest that a depressed individual should “just snap out of it.” I think you probably got distracted by the phrase, “get your act together.” Ultimately, yes, it is up to the individual to get his/her act together enough to seek medication and therapy. Nobody is going to force him/her to do that. As for the hostile tone, you have to decide for yourself whether that is effective and whether that’s how you want to treat people. Depression does not require or excuse that kind of behavior.

  • KAT known as star on facebook  On April 5, 2016 at 7:27 am

    Wow , In reading these I seen the hope gone from these souls , I was once there and found something that has turned my life around into the light, no more pain/ no more hateful stars /or hurts, there is only one thing that turned it around, its free, but you have to ask for it .Can you? its free, but you have to find it,Can you? its free, but but but, do you want it ,Do you? take yourself from the darkness, get yourselves into the light, there is freedom from depression,’ A man came to me and told me” I love you., I did not know him,but I knew what he was saying was true , why because he did not ask for anything of me, he offered everything he had , I wept,because i knew it to be true, and I knew I didn’t have enough or do enough to repay him , this man told me to tell others , this man told me to show compassion, this means show compassion to others , and when I did my own miseries began to leave, as you begin to see there are others worse off, This man offered me everything he had and i found myself at awww! why me? And i began to feel enlightened , i began to feel less pain , in fact my pain left i had not noticed. He began to show me a whole new plan and words that ok all my after thoughts away , He was still but yet he was strongly in control the kind of control i wished i could have over my life and pain. Then i realized I was dead i was already in His realm , This man was God Jesus , yes i know your thinking not another bible slammer , but then think again , if he came to me in death and gave me life then why not you, He said Ask ?
    i am still alive since 2005 when i should have died i am no longer in pain or strife
    Please i beg you ask Jesus for help ask him I dare you. really ask him ?

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